The Constitution

The following constitution has been unanimously approved by the initial zoomers committee as appointed by the Virtual Ironbridge meeting and will remain in place until the first AGM is held.


The Association shall be called The Zoomers


  1. To further the friendships developed by Masters of City of London Livery Companies, and similar organisations, who held office during the first Mayoral year of Alderman William Russell, by providing continuing opportunities for social activities.
    1. To engage Members in charitable good works and support for the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom.
    1. To Maintain support for the Mayoralty, Sheriffs, Liveries and Guilds of the Corporation of the City of London and similar Liveries, Guilds and Trade Corporations out with the City of London.

Rules for the conduct of the Zoomers Past Masters’ Association


  • The Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor, Alderman William Russell shall be President for life. His two Sheriffs of the City of London, Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli and Christopher Hayward shall be Vice-Presidents for life.
  • Those persons who held the office of Master, Prime Warden or Upper Bailiff (hereinafter called Masters) of a City of London Livery Company at any time during the first year of Mayoralty of Alderman William Russell.  Masters, or equivalents, of City Companies, Guilds or Organisations without Livery and Companies or Guilds out with the City of London, which are considered to be of equivalent status, and who served during the first year of Mayoralty of Alderman William Russell,  may be invited by the Committee to join and if they accept shall be Members of equal standing. The decision of the Committee as to eligibility shall be final.
  • Each member may nominate one other person, normally their consort, to be a full member of the Zoomers at no additional cost.
  • Dilly, the Lord Mayor’s dog be the official mascot for life.

Joining Fee, Subscriptions and arrears

  • Each Member must apply to join in the format determined by the Committee and shall pay on admission a joining fee of £25 together with the annual subscription for the then current year.
  • The annual subscription shall be £25, or such amount as the Committee may approve from time to time, payable annually in advance on 1st November in each year.
  • All fees, subscriptions and payment for all events must be made by standing order or bank transfer to the Zoomers official nominated bank account.
  • Members whose subscription or any payment due for any event are in arrears shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting. If a Member’s subscription or any payment due for any event shall be in arrears for six months their name may be removed automatically by the Committee from the List of Members.  The Chairman or the Honorary Secretary shall write to such a person indicating that their Membership has lapsed.  Reinstatement may be made on payment in full of overdue subscription or payment for event at the sole discretion of the Committee.
  • Any Member whose conduct shall be deemed by the Committee to render them unfit to remain a Member of the Zoomers shall be given an opportunity to explain such conduct to the Committee, following which, and at the sole discretion of the Committee, they may be expelled from the Zoomers by the Committee and such Member shall thereupon cease to be a Member.
  • Every resignation shall be sent by e-mail or in writing to the Chairman or Membership Secretary.

Forfeiture of Member’s Rights

  • Any person on ceasing to be a Member of the Zoomers in accordance with these Rules shall forfeit all right to or claim upon the Zoomers or its property or funds.

Officers of the the Zoomers

  • The Officers of the Zoomers shall consist of the Life President and the two Life Vice Presidents, the Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. Should any of them resign from office during their term then the Committee may invite any Member to serve out the remaining term of office.
  • The first Officers – were elected at the Virtual Ironbridge meeting on Tuesday 16th June 2020, and shall serve until the first Annual General Meeting of The Zoomers. 


  • The affairs of the Zoomers shall be managed by a Committee, consisting of the Chairman, the Honorary Treasurer, the Hon Secretary and up to eight other Members of the Zoomers  who shall be elected at an AGM.
  • Officers and Committee Members shall each serve for a term of three years and may be re-elected once. In order to stagger replacements, the initial committee members may choose to serve for a lesser period.
  • One third of the Officers and Committee Members will retire by rotation at each AGM.
  • Nominations for Membership of the Committee must be made by a Member by e-mail or post to the Membership Secretary not later than 28 days before the published date and time of the AGM.
  • Following the first AGM, nominations for the post of Chairman, Honorary Secretary or Honorary Treasurer must be made from amongst the Membership and notified to the Honorary Secretary not later than 28 days before the published date and time of the AGM. If elected at the AGM the Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Committee Members will take up their post immediately after the AGM.
  • Election shall be by show of hands at the AGM and / or by the casting of electronic ballots in a suitable form as published by the Committee at the time of calling the AGM.
  • Casual vacancies in the Membership of the Committee occurring during the year may be filled by the Committee from Members of the Zoomers who will serve out the remaining term of office. The Committee may co-opt any Member of the Zoomers to the Committee for any task or period that it requires such period not exceeding three years.


  • The Zoomers will maintain appropriate bank accounts, including online banking, which will be operated on the signature or Internet login by any one of the Chairman, and the Treasurer. Other signatories may be approved by the Committee from time to time.
  • The Honorary Treasurer will produce annual accounts up to 31st October of each year the first period being 31st October 2021 and submit these for consideration at the first AGM held thereafter.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Two Officers acting together are authorised to act on behalf of the Zoomers to incur all such liabilities (including contracts of insurance), execute all such documents, take all such actions or do all such things as may be expeditious for ensuring that the Zoomers complies with any obligations imposed by law or commercial prudence.

Events and Functions

  1. Members of the Zoomers may attend any event or function arranged by the Committee and shall be at liberty to invite guests on such terms as the Committee may determine for each function.

Notices and Communications

All notices and communications from The Zoomers will be sent by e-mail to the last known e-mail address of all Members. It is the responsibility of all Members to notify the Membership Secretary of any change in their e-mail addresses.  Members who do not have an e-mail address will be sent notices by post. It is the responsibility of those Members to notify the Honorary Secretary of any change in their postal address.


  • The Secretary or Chairman shall summon the Members to meet on such days as the Committee may determine. Not less than 14 days’ notice is to be given for meetings of the Committee and not less than 28 days’ notice is to be given for general meetings of Members.
  • Committee meetings are quorate if the Chairman or one of the other Officers and three other Committee Members are present. A quorum for a General Meeting shall consist of the Chairman or one of the other Officers and six Members, including Committee Members, present. If there shall be no quorum within half an hour of the time fixed for the Meeting it shall be adjourned. Members will be permitted to join via telephone link and / or on-line.
  • An Agenda for each meeting of the Zoomers or Committee shall be prepared by the Secretary or Chairman and circulated, and no other business shall be considered by that Meeting, except with the consent of the Chairman.
  • In the event of equality of votes at either a Committee meeting or a General Meeting then the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

Annual General Meeting

  • The AGM of the Zoomers shall be held between January and March of each year, the first being held in 2022.
  • The business of the AGM shall be:
    • To receive and consider the accounts for the preceding year
    • To elect Officers and Committee Members for the ensuing year
    • To decide on any Resolution properly notified or any other competent business.
    • To receive and consider the Committee’s report for the preceding year
  • The Agenda for the AGM, list of nominations for Officers and Committee Members and the Accounts shall be circulated to each Member by e-mail not less than 14 days before the AGM
  • No Resolutions shall be moved at an Annual General Meeting unless a notice by the proposer and seconder and supported by at least four other Members of the Zoomers stating its terms shall have been delivered to the Honorary Secretary 28 clear days before the AGM.  The Resolution with the names of the proposer and seconder shall be stated on the Agenda for the Meeting.

Special Meetings

The Secretary or Chairman shall summon a Special Meeting upon resolution of the Committee or upon receiving a requisition supported by not less than six Members stating the object of the Meeting. Not less than 28 days’ notice is to be given to Members for Special Meetings.

New Rules and Alteration of Rules

  • Any proposed new Rule or alteration of an existing Rule shall be submitted to the Committee who shall submit it for decision by the next AGM of the Zoomers.The notice convening the Meeting shall set out the proposal.

Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice

  • All personal data provided by the Members to the Zoomers will be securely stored and used only in accordance with the applicable published data protection policy. It is the responsibility of all Members to notify the Honorary Secretary of any changes in their personal data.
  • All Members will be asked for consent to store and use their data in accordance with the data protection policy when applying for Membership. All potential Members will be provided with a copy of the current data protection policy and privacy notice at the time of application for Membership, together with a copy of this constitution.
  • The data protection policy, privacy notice and website terms and conditions of use may be changed by the Committee from time to time and the current versions, as applicable, will be available on the Zoomers website, if the website exists, or by application to the Honorary Secretary.


  • Each Member of the Zoomers shall from time to time notify their e-mail address, home address and preferred telephone number to the Membership Secretary, and all notices sent by e-mail or posted to such address shall be deemed to have been duly delivered.
  • In the event that the Members, in general meeting, determine that the Zoomers should co-operate or amalgamate with a similar body, or be dissolved, the Members, or Committee if authorised by the Members, shall at their absolute discretion determine the disposition of assets of The Zoomers.  Such assets may, in whole or part, be donated to one or more charities or be combined with the funds of the body with which The Zoomers is to co-operate or amalgamate, provided that no Members may receive any personal benefit, save that the President’s and Chairman’s badges may be given to the President and the Chairman at the time or a Past Chairman respectively.